Why Food Combining is Good for the Health?

As discussed in the previous post, Food Combining, the Key of a Healthy Diet, the healthy diet that can improve fitness is Food Combining (FC). So, How does FC affect healthiness? This Topic is going to be discussed here.

To have a healthy body, human should reach the homeostasis condition. What is homeostasis? It is the condition of human having the balance PH. There are three kind of PH, such as: acidic, neutral and alkalinity. See the picture below for the brief explanation.
Human PH Determine Body Health
In Food Combining, you are suggested to maintain body PH into neutral (tend to Alkalinity). It is about 7.34 to 7.43. The more acidic  of your body PH, the more likely you will get unhealthy body. So, rather than picking foods for a slimming or muscular body, food combining is giving the right food to your body.

Foods Selection

Fruits and Vegetables boost the body health.

In common diet, people tend to rearrange their diet based on some particular purposes. For example: for a good muscle, people eat more animal proteins. In fact, our digestion system seems slowly processing that kind of foods. When our digestion gets in trouble, your body health will be reduced. The food suggested in this diet is fruits and vegetables. 

Circadian Rhythm
Based on the biological process, our body conducts a circadian rhythm in 24 hours. There are three processes of circadian rhythm. In the morning at 04.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m., the body actively takes out digestion residue through, urine, sweat and feces. In the afternoon 12.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m., it is the time for food digestion process. And the last phase of circadian rhythm is the food absorption process between 20.00 p.m. to 04.00 a.m. 

The three aspects discussed above are really important matter in Food Combining. Getting the body in the homeostasis condition is the main purpose. With the balance PH, you will get healthier body. One of the best effects of Food Combining is your body be ideal in weight. However, it must be noted that the primary aim of this diet is enhancing your body health. So, eat properly and never cut down your meal portion!

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