Food Combining, the Key of a Healthy Diet

Foods are human primary need. However, having a bad diet really affects human health. The desire of non-healthy diet is mainly about losing the weight. May you try to reduce your weight by a diet? If you do, you really need to check your health. Somehow, a person who conducts caloric diet doesn't take enough attention to his/her health condition. 
Fruits and Vegetables are important in food combining to reach a healthy life

In fact, the foods in our body are like fuel to machine. If we feed our body well, we will get healthier body. By doing unhealthy diet, it's like giving diesel fuel to a gasoline-fueled car. Then, what happen? the car will be broken. So, having healthy body is more important than your big desire in losing weight. 

In this post, we suggest that you do food combining for your daily diet. This kind of diet doesn't put big emphasize on how many foods that you eat. It has main concern of "what kind of food do you eat?". Since each food can be categorized in carbohydrate, protein, fruit and vegetable.

As its name, the main concept of food combining is to combine what food do you eat. In simple explanation, you can eat vegetable with either animal proteins or carbohydrate. However, you can't eat animal proteins with carbohydrate. Why? let's take further explanation on the next post.

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