Milk, is it good or bad for our body?

Some people know that consume milk can improve our health. Some say it is good for the bone. Therefore, there are many milk products for different purposes. Milk for baby with additional AA and DHA substances, Milk products for old man which contain more additional calcium, and Milk for young man growth are the examples.
Animal's Milk is not for human.
Does it make a sense if we have the same milk but have the different result in each product? I think most of manufactures produce a product which disguise in milk which in the society assumed as a healthy drink. Cow’s milk may have higher protein and mineral, but it also has high lactose. Cow’s milk are well-designed by God for cow’s calves. In the wild life, cow’s calves need to stand and learn to walk in minutes to be able surviving from the predator.

In the other hand, human growth is different with cows. So, consuming cow’s milk with higher protein and mineral is useless. Our body won’t be able to absorb all the substances. Even high lactose in the cow’s milk may lead you to a health problem, such as allergic or diarrhea.

Some people, especially women, drink milk to avoid osteoporosis. However, milk is not the best way to obtain calcium that strengthens our bones. Some studies said that milk is more likely improving the risk of osteoporosis rather than prevents it.

So, what do you think? Is animal’s milk healthy or unhealthy?

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