The advantages of drinking vegetable juice

Vegetables are important foods that can improve our health. With the mineral and vitamin, vegetables also help our body to have balance PH. In the other words, it can foster the body to reach homeostasis. The other advantages of drinking vegetable juice are:

Vegetables Juice Balance The Body PH
Good for digestion system
Vegetables are not only rich with vitamin and mineral. They also contain fibers that can help the digestion system to work better.

Reduce the risk of cancer
By consuming vegetables juice, it means that you consume raw vegetables that are very good to keep away the cancer cell.

Health Skin
Vegetables are very good for the skin health. The vitamin E and C are substances that important for skin health. Some vegetables, such as tomato and bean sprout, are rich of those vitamins.

Strengthen Body Immunity
As explained above, vegetables help the body to stay in balance PH. Then, with the homeostasis condition, you can have strong immunity.

The significant role of vegetables for our health is inevitably. You may dislike eating vegetables, especially the raw vegetables. However, we suggest that you can make vegetables juice with at least three kind of vegetables.  Never add sugar to the juice. Use carrot or sweet taste vegetables to sweeten the juice.

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