The Important of Drinking Water

In the modern life, unhealthy drinks seems popular. The kids have soda, the adults drink alcohol. Instead of fulfilling the body need, those drinks tend to decrease our health. It's not a secret that soda containing sugar and many other additional substances. Meanwhile, alcohol directly affects our nerve system.
Six to Eight Glasses Water a Day Good for Health

Even tea or coffee are considered as unhealthy drinks. So, let's back to the nature. We can have pure water as our daily drink. Many health experts recommend that we shall drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Why? because water is the main substance that about 70 % built up our body.

Here are some reason why water is important for the body:

Help Digestion
With enough amount of water, our digestion system will normally do their job. The absorption of food substances will also be good and help us to avoid constipation.

Fresh and Younger Look
Since water is 70 % of our body, drinking water will make you look fresh.

Intoxicate the body
Water helps the body to put the toxic out of our body. So, you need to drink enough water for your healthy.

Healthy kidney
Kidney stone is caused by the some substances that precipate in the kidney, one of them is salt. Consuming 6-8 glasses of water can help you to avoid this disease.

With the explanation above, we know that water is the most significant substance that mainly needed by our body system, after the air. We can take blood as the example. With water as the main ingredient, blood can work well if we drink enough water.

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