Healthy Life Style: Lemon Water in the Morning

What do you have after night rest? A cup of tea or coffee may great way to open your daily activities, but that’s unhealthy way of starting the day. You could have a glass of pure water after waking up to refresh your body. Meanwhile, a glass of warm lemon water is healthy. Why is lemon with sour taste good for our body?
Warm Lemon Water in The Morning Enhance Your Health

Balancing PH
As explained at the article entitled Why Food Combining is Good for our Health, human body will get in their best condition if body PH is balance.  One of substances that strongly forming balanced PH is lemon.

High Vitamin C
With high vitamin C, a cup of warm lemon in the morning will boost your stamina. In addition it also strengthens our immune system.

Help the digestion
Warm water lemon incites gastrointestinal tract-waves of muscle contractions.

Take out residue
There must be residue of digestion or unwanted substance in our body. Lemon which contains much mineral and vitamin can help your body system to bring out the residue and toxins.

How do we make the healthy lemon water? Simply, squeeze a piece of lemon to get the lemon water and add warm water. Don’t put hot water on it. Hot water will make the lemon enzyme and vitamin wasted. And remember, it always sugar free. Drink it every morning as your first drink and enjoy the virtue.

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