Milk, is it good or bad for our body?

Some people know that consume milk can improve our health. Some say it is good for the bone. Therefore, there are many milk products for different purposes. Milk for baby with additional AA and DHA substances, Milk products for old man which contain more additional calcium, and Milk for young man growth are the examples.
Animal's Milk is not for human.
Does it make a sense if we have the same milk but have the different result in each product? I think most of manufactures produce a product which disguise in milk which in the society assumed as a healthy drink. Cow’s milk may have higher protein and mineral, but it also has high lactose. Cow’s milk are well-designed by God for cow’s calves. In the wild life, cow’s calves need to stand and learn to walk in minutes to be able surviving from the predator.

In the other hand, human growth is different with cows. So, consuming cow’s milk with higher protein and mineral is useless. Our body won’t be able to absorb all the substances. Even high lactose in the cow’s milk may lead you to a health problem, such as allergic or diarrhea.

Some people, especially women, drink milk to avoid osteoporosis. However, milk is not the best way to obtain calcium that strengthens our bones. Some studies said that milk is more likely improving the risk of osteoporosis rather than prevents it.

So, what do you think? Is animal’s milk healthy or unhealthy?

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The Important of Drinking Water

In the modern life, unhealthy drinks seems popular. The kids have soda, the adults drink alcohol. Instead of fulfilling the body need, those drinks tend to decrease our health. It's not a secret that soda containing sugar and many other additional substances. Meanwhile, alcohol directly affects our nerve system.
Six to Eight Glasses Water a Day Good for Health

Even tea or coffee are considered as unhealthy drinks. So, let's back to the nature. We can have pure water as our daily drink. Many health experts recommend that we shall drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Why? because water is the main substance that about 70 % built up our body.

Here are some reason why water is important for the body:

Help Digestion
With enough amount of water, our digestion system will normally do their job. The absorption of food substances will also be good and help us to avoid constipation.

Fresh and Younger Look
Since water is 70 % of our body, drinking water will make you look fresh.

Intoxicate the body
Water helps the body to put the toxic out of our body. So, you need to drink enough water for your healthy.

Healthy kidney
Kidney stone is caused by the some substances that precipate in the kidney, one of them is salt. Consuming 6-8 glasses of water can help you to avoid this disease.

With the explanation above, we know that water is the most significant substance that mainly needed by our body system, after the air. We can take blood as the example. With water as the main ingredient, blood can work well if we drink enough water.

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Ginger Natural Remedy Advantages

Ginger is a must have herb.It is popularly used all arround the world as a warm drink. Meanwhile, many studies says that ginger is really profitable for our health. Ginger can be the source of some vitamins, such as vitamin A, C and E and the source of minerals, such as magenesium, potassium, zinc and calcium.

ginger benefit to our health

With the substances contained in it, ginger have some benefit to our health.

Cold and Flu Treatment

Ginger is good to prevent and naturally healing cold and flu. With antiviral and antitoxic substances, cold and flu viruses will be dismissed. Ginger is also warming our body. It gives comfortable feeling.

Curing the stomachache
Do you feel your stomach bloating? Ginger is the home remedy that can perfectly solve your problem. It contains carminative that affects in calming stomach because it calms down the gastrointestinal muscles that reduce gas in bloating stomach. Besides, it can also relieve the diarrhea.

Relieve joint and muscle pain
Rather than muscle balm, you can naturally relieve the muscle and joint pain with ginger. You can smear the ginger paste around your pain and the anti-inflammatory substance will work to reduce your pain.

Ginger as a useful herb is really easy to find. You can also find this herb in the form of extract powder that can be founded in supermarket.
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The advantages of drinking vegetable juice

Vegetables are important foods that can improve our health. With the mineral and vitamin, vegetables also help our body to have balance PH. In the other words, it can foster the body to reach homeostasis. The other advantages of drinking vegetable juice are:

Vegetables Juice Balance The Body PH
Good for digestion system
Vegetables are not only rich with vitamin and mineral. They also contain fibers that can help the digestion system to work better.

Reduce the risk of cancer
By consuming vegetables juice, it means that you consume raw vegetables that are very good to keep away the cancer cell.

Health Skin
Vegetables are very good for the skin health. The vitamin E and C are substances that important for skin health. Some vegetables, such as tomato and bean sprout, are rich of those vitamins.

Strengthen Body Immunity
As explained above, vegetables help the body to stay in balance PH. Then, with the homeostasis condition, you can have strong immunity.

The significant role of vegetables for our health is inevitably. You may dislike eating vegetables, especially the raw vegetables. However, we suggest that you can make vegetables juice with at least three kind of vegetables.  Never add sugar to the juice. Use carrot or sweet taste vegetables to sweeten the juice.
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Eliminating Annoying Acne Naturally

Acne on your face is really horrible. Do you want to remove all the acnes? Many chemicals remedy you have used but have no result? Worse, if you have allergic to those chemicals acnes treatments, your face will even look more terrible.
Pesky acne can be removed with natural ways

In this post, you will get some suggestions about how you can remove acne naturally. It’s easy and the material may be found in your house.

Egg Masker
Use the egg white as face masker

Take an egg and remove the yolk. You only need the egg white for the masker. To create the masker, stir the egg white and smear it to your face. Wait for 15 minutes and clean it. Through this way, you will free from oily face that usually easily get acne.

Tomato is good for your skin

Tomato that rich of vitamin will make your skin cleaner and softer. You can eat organic tomato every day. Moreover, you can use this vegetable for face masker.  Cut tomato to be two slices. Rub the tomato slice on your face. Wait for 15 – 60 minutes and clean your face.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is the perfect face cleanser

Aloe Vera has many functions. One of them is as face cleaner. You can put one leave of Aloe Vera. Peel it and use the inner substance as face masker. Routinely, you can use Aloe Vera in the morning and evening for the best result.

Pounded garlic helps you eliminating acne

Garlic is powerful natural antibiotic and antibacterial. Pound one or two garlic and put the pounded garlic at the acne on your face.

Having clean and soft face is really adorable. You don’t need to buy expensive chemicals acne treatment, if you can use natural way to get a better and safe result.

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Healthy Life Style: Lemon Water in the Morning

What do you have after night rest? A cup of tea or coffee may great way to open your daily activities, but that’s unhealthy way of starting the day. You could have a glass of pure water after waking up to refresh your body. Meanwhile, a glass of warm lemon water is healthy. Why is lemon with sour taste good for our body?
Warm Lemon Water in The Morning Enhance Your Health

Balancing PH
As explained at the article entitled Why Food Combining is Good for our Health, human body will get in their best condition if body PH is balance.  One of substances that strongly forming balanced PH is lemon.

High Vitamin C
With high vitamin C, a cup of warm lemon in the morning will boost your stamina. In addition it also strengthens our immune system.

Help the digestion
Warm water lemon incites gastrointestinal tract-waves of muscle contractions.

Take out residue
There must be residue of digestion or unwanted substance in our body. Lemon which contains much mineral and vitamin can help your body system to bring out the residue and toxins.

How do we make the healthy lemon water? Simply, squeeze a piece of lemon to get the lemon water and add warm water. Don’t put hot water on it. Hot water will make the lemon enzyme and vitamin wasted. And remember, it always sugar free. Drink it every morning as your first drink and enjoy the virtue.
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Why Food Combining is Good for the Health?

As discussed in the previous post, Food Combining, the Key of a Healthy Diet, the healthy diet that can improve fitness is Food Combining (FC). So, How does FC affect healthiness? This Topic is going to be discussed here.

To have a healthy body, human should reach the homeostasis condition. What is homeostasis? It is the condition of human having the balance PH. There are three kind of PH, such as: acidic, neutral and alkalinity. See the picture below for the brief explanation.
Human PH Determine Body Health
In Food Combining, you are suggested to maintain body PH into neutral (tend to Alkalinity). It is about 7.34 to 7.43. The more acidic  of your body PH, the more likely you will get unhealthy body. So, rather than picking foods for a slimming or muscular body, food combining is giving the right food to your body.

Foods Selection

Fruits and Vegetables boost the body health.

In common diet, people tend to rearrange their diet based on some particular purposes. For example: for a good muscle, people eat more animal proteins. In fact, our digestion system seems slowly processing that kind of foods. When our digestion gets in trouble, your body health will be reduced. The food suggested in this diet is fruits and vegetables. 

Circadian Rhythm
Based on the biological process, our body conducts a circadian rhythm in 24 hours. There are three processes of circadian rhythm. In the morning at 04.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m., the body actively takes out digestion residue through, urine, sweat and feces. In the afternoon 12.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m., it is the time for food digestion process. And the last phase of circadian rhythm is the food absorption process between 20.00 p.m. to 04.00 a.m. 

The three aspects discussed above are really important matter in Food Combining. Getting the body in the homeostasis condition is the main purpose. With the balance PH, you will get healthier body. One of the best effects of Food Combining is your body be ideal in weight. However, it must be noted that the primary aim of this diet is enhancing your body health. So, eat properly and never cut down your meal portion!

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